63 WIr PUBlIZIErEn ZUKUnFt 5 V Gallina l lingitz M Karner a new Perspective of the Cyber Physical Production Planning System in 16th International Measurement Confederation IMEKO tC10 Conference testing Diagnostics and Inspection as a comprehensive value chain for Quality and Safety Berlin 03 09 2019 04 09 2019 ISBn 9789299008416 S 60 65 6 t Ionescu C Schmidbauer S Schlund Epistemic Debt a Concept and Measure of technical Ignorance in Smart Manufacturing in aHFE 2019 advances in Human Factors and Systems Interaction Springer Verlag 2019 ISBn 978 3 030 20040 4 S 81 93 7 F Kamhuber t Sobottka B Heinzl W Sihn an Efficient Multi Objective Hybrid Simheuristic approach for advanced rolling Horizon Production Planning Vortrag Winter Simulation Conference 2019 WSC2019 Maryland USa 08 12 2019 11 12 2019 in Proceedings of the 2019 Winter Simulation Conference 2019 S 2108 2118 8 M Khobreh F ansari U Seidenberg applying Job Know Ontology towards linking Workforce Experience and labor Productivity in Smart Factory Industry 4 0 Hauptvortrag Proceedings of the International Conference theory and applications in the Knowledge Economy Wien eingeladen 05 07 2019 in taKE 2019 E tome F Kragulj Hrg 2019 ISBn 978 989 54182 0 7 S 712 728 9 t Komenda F ranz W Sihn Influence of task allocation Patterns on Safety and Productivity in Human robot Collaboration in Proceedings of the Industrial Simula tion Conference ISC P J S Goncalves J M F Calado Hrsg lissabon 05 07 Juni ISBn 978 94 92859 0 75 S 85 89 10 K Kovacs F ansari C Geisert E Uhlmann r Glawar W Sihn a Process Model for Enhancing Digital assistance in Knowledge Based Maintenance in J Beyerer C Kühnert O niggemann Hrg Machine learning for Cyber Physical Systems techno logien für die intelligente automation technologies for Intelligent automation vol 9 Springer Vieweg Berlin Heidelberg ISBn 978 3 662 58485 9 S 87 96 11 U Krispel t Ullrich M tamke Formalising Expert Knowledge for Building Infor mation Models automated Identification of Electrical Wiring from 3D Scans in E V lazarevic M Vukmirovic a Krstic Furundžic a Đukic Hrsg Keeping Up with technologies to Create the Cognitive City UK Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2019 ISBn 978 1 5275 2048 6 S 318 328 12 l lingitz V Gallina Cs Kardos t Koltai W Sihn Balancing non bottleneck stations using simple assembly line balancing models in 9th IFaC Conference on Manufacturing Modelling Management and Control MIM 2019 Berlin 28 08 2019 30 08 2019 IFaC PapersOnline 52 13 2019 ISSn 2405 8963 S 1432 1437 13 W Mayrhofer F ansari W Sihn S Schlund Konzept für ein assistenzsystem für arbeitsplatznahes reziprokes lernen in hochautomatisierten Produktionsum gebungen Vortrag 65 Frühjahrskongress der Gfa e V Dresden 27 02 2019 01 03 2019 in arbeit interdisziplinär analysieren bewerten gestalten Gfa Press Dortmund 2019 ISBn 978 3 936804 25 6 S 1 7 14 W Mayrhofer P rupprecht S Schlund One fits all vs tailor Made User centered Workstations for Field assembly with an application in aircraft Parts Manufacturing Vortrag 25th International Conference on Production research Manufacturing Innova tion Cyber Physical Manufacturing Chicago 04 08 2019 09 08 2019 in Procedia Manufacturing 39 2019 Elsevier 2019 ISSn 2351 9789 S 149 157 15 J Mueller roemer a Stork D W Fellner Joint Schedule and layout autotuning for Sparse Matrices with Compound Entries on GPUs in Vision Modeling and Visualization H J Schulz M teschner and M Wimmer Hrsg European association for Computer Graphics Eurographics University of rostock 2019 ISBn 978 3 03868 098 7 S 109 116 16 l Paletta a Dini C Murko S Yahyanejad U augsdörfer Estimation of situation awareness score and performance using eye and head gaze for human robot collaboration Vortrag aCM Symposium on Eye tracking research applications Etra 11 2019 Denver Colorado in Proceedings of the 11th aCM Symposium on Eye tracking research applications Bd 61 new York 2019 S 1 3 17 r Pascher C Ecker W Sihn Conceptual design of a modular hybrid sensor system Duck Box for the implementation of location based material flow analyses in MHCl 2019 XXIII International Conference Material Handling Constructions and logistics G Kartnig n Zrnic S Bosnjak Hrg Univerisity of Belgrade 2019 ISBn 978 86 6060 020 4 S 263 266 18 F ranz W Sihn t Komenda Collaborative robotics as a Success Factor in Elect ronics Manufacturing Vortrag COMa 19 Stellenbosch 30 01 2019 01 02 2019 in Proceedings of the International Conference on Competitive Manufacturing Knowledge Valorisation in the age of Digitalization D Dimitrov D Hagedorn Han sen et al Hrg 2019 ISBn 978 0 7972 1779 9 S 278 284 19 G rottermanner V Settgast P Judmaier K Eschbacher C H rokitansky VaSt a High Fidelity Prototype for Future air traffic Control Scenarios Poster session European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work ECSCW 17 2019 Salzburg in Proceedings of the 17th European Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2019 ISSn 2510 2591 S 1 4 20 t ryback l lingitz a Gaal V Gallina D Gyulai Improving the planning quality in production planning and control with machine learning In 16th IMEKO tC10 Conference testing Diagnostics and Inspection as a comprehensive value chain for Quality and Safety International Measurement Confederation IMEKO Berlin 03 09 2019 04 09 2019 ISBn 9789299008416 S 131 136 21 G Schett G Brunnthaller C Hess S Kritzinger Conceptual Model of a Decen tralized transport Organization in the Increasingly Uncertain transport Environment of the Physical Internet Vortrag 6th International Physical Internet Conference IPIC2019 london 09 07 2019 11 07 2019 in Druck 22 a Schumacher a Steinwender Potenziale der additiven Fertigung und ein Vorgehensmodell zur nutzung der Potenziale additiver Fertigung für die Entwicklung neuer Geschäftsmodelle Vortrag 8 Kongress Sustainability Manamgement for Industries SMI Industrial life Cycle Managagement Innovation durch lebenszyklus denken leoben 03 04 2019 in Industrial life Cycle Management Innovation durch lebenszyklusdenken H Biedermann S Vorbach and W Posch Hrsg rainer Hampp Verlag München 2019 ISBn 978 3 95710245 4 S 24 38 23 W Sihn F ansari Industrial Data Science From raw Data to Useful appli cations Vortrag 24th International Seminar on High technology Sao Paulo 10 10 2019 in Digitization of Production and Digitized Production K Schützer Hrg 2019 ISSn 2175 9960 S 3 32 pu b li k a ti o n en

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